Exclusive party (All to yourself)
£195.00 for 2 hours and up to 50 guests
Monday to Friday: 2pm to 4pm or 3pm to 5pm

Saturday: 4pm to 6pm

Sunday: 4pm to 6pm

Party times can be negotiable
Buffet, squash & party invitations INCLUDED

**2019 Offer**

With every all exclusive party booked, you will receive a voucher for future exclusive party half price 

Parties up to 15 children

Private party room at a time of your choice in normal opening hours.

£7.50 per child which includes 2 hours play, unlimited squash or water and party food buffet.

Toddler parties for up to  15 Children
11am to 1pm or 1pm to  3pm

£5.50 per child includes unlimited squash or water and a party food buffet..

Weekdays and term time only.

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